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Wednesday ... Feb. 22, 2017

Aug. 2016
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​ Surveying what?                                          

                                                     ....By: Nils Stolpe

Frozen 10/20 and 20/30 Scallops are on hand.

​We have 20/30 and 30/40  Dayboat Scallops today.

The  Karen-L (Cpt. Charles Raffa) is fishing in the 
Mid-Atlantic Access Area.


Viking Village 
has been certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) for chain of custody seafood traceability 
and sustainable seafood harvesting.

         A group of ENGOs including the Conservation Law Foundation and the Pew Trusts recently commissioned Edge Research, a strategic marketing firm, to demonstrate that New Englanders overwhelmingly supported protecting their local waters. However, and not too surprisingly, the Edge Research researchers in their phone survey lumped drilling, mining and fishing together as activities which should be prohibited in certain areas. Imagine a sampling of people being surveyed about their feelings on crime, and that the questions all explicitly mentioned murder, rape and shoplifting together. Obviously the respondents – and people in general – would feel strongly about rape and murder, but nowhere near as strongly about shoplifting. However, if the survey didn’t allow the respondents to differentiate between the three, tough on the shoplifters.
       In the case of the Edge Research survey, it appeared as if the majority of respondents opposed all three “extractive” activities because fishing was inextricably linked to mining and drilling. Tough on the fishermen as well. But in coastal states where fishing has been and continues to be such an integral part of the culture, what are the chances that this is what the respondents actually thought?  

For more on this issue see Déjà vu all over again at http://www.fishnet-usa.com/DejaVu.pdf.