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Skatewings are available.

Netters are working today.

Thursday ... May 21, 2015
Submitted by 
Nils Stolpe
March 2015
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Scalloping video
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Longline video
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Netfishing video
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Scallopers are fishing.
 Their careers and their futures depend on attacking fishermen and fishing. What more can we expect from them?
                                              ....By: Nils Stolpe

Top quality plate frozen U/10,U12 and 20/30 Scallops
 are on hand.

  U/12 and 10/20  Dayboat Scallops are available.

The Virginia Lynn is fishing in the open access area.

The Relentless (Cpt. Owen Smith)  is in with a closed area trip
 of U/12 and 10/20 Scallops.

"Consider two current campaigns. One is to ban the sale of bluefin tuna in New York City. The activists who are politically pushing this ban know full well that thanks to years of stringent management measures by U.S. fishermen the bluefin tuna stock on our side of the Atlantic Ocean has recovered from overfishing and there is a healthy, well regulated and totally legal fishery for them. So their campaign has shifted to ban the sale of these fish in select markets. The other is to ban the possession or sale of shark fins on a state-by-state basis. Ostensibly this is to prevent the removal of fins from sharks at sea and the disposal/waste of the carcass. Again, the activists behind this campaign know that shark fins must be landed with carcasses by U.S. fishermen, that the fins are a part of every permitted shark fishery and that making it illegal to possess or sell the fins will do nothing more than take money out of permitted shark fishermen’s pockets. These are legitimate and sustainable fisheries and each is controlled by stringent and effective regulations. Yet this isn’t enough for the anti-fishing activists and that’s simply because they don’t have anything else to do."


The Frances Anne is fishing for Golden Tilefish.

A handful of Hawaiian Bigeye and Yellowfin Tuna
 are available.
Watch Scallop VideoWatch Scallop Video
Watch Scallop VideoWatch Scallop VideoWatch Scallop Video
Watch Scallop VideoWatch Scallop VideoWatch Scallop VideoWatch Scallop Video
Watch Scallop VideoWatch Scallop VideoWatch Scallop Video
Watch Scallop VideoWatch Scallop Video
Watch Scallop Video
Watch Scallop VideoWatch Scallop Video

Viking Village 
has been certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) for chain of custody seafood traceability 
and sustainable seafood harvesting.
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