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Skatewings are available.

 Netters are working today .

Wednesday ... Nov. 25, 2015
Submitted by 
Nils Stolpe
Sept  2015
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Government of, for and by the people?

                                                    ....By: Nils Stolpe

Frozen U/10, 10/20 and 20/30 Scallops are on hand.


The Frances Anne and Monica are fishing for Swordfish and Tuna and is expected
 to land Sunday.​

The Karen L is in with beautiful Golden Tilefish.
Viking Village 
has been certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) for chain of custody seafood traceability 
and sustainable seafood harvesting.
NJ TV Video on the
Lindsay L

After an unintended and too long delay I’m back and playing catch-up with what’s been going in the fishing industry. My most recent FishNet USA article addresses the ongoing, largely negative (from the fishing industry) impacts that the multi-billion dollar Pew “Charitable” Trusts have had on our industry as it has evolved over the past several centuries. The bottom line is that the thirteen members of the Trusts Board of Directors, with a multi-billion dollar endowment behind them, can influence national fisheries/ocean governance and the future of all of our businesses more radically than any of us regular folks can imagine. It’s titled “Who’s really in charge of U.S. fisheries” and is available at 
http://www.fishnet-usa.com/Of For By the People.pdf