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Monday ... Sept 1, 2014
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Nils Stolpe
July 2014
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Regional Fishery Management Councils speak out...

...Part 2
         I last wrote about the (Regional Fishery Management) Council Coordination Committee’s objections to a Pew/Oceana “report” on commercial fisheries bycatch and a request that the report be edited. Not too surprisingly, Pew/Oceana has refused.
        Also at issue was the announcement by the Obama administration that the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument, an already huge “marine protected area” was to be enlarged significantly. The Monument - roughly translated as “no fishing zone” – presently extends seaward 50 miles from the islands, the Obama proposal would extend it 150 miles farther.
         A ten page response to this proposed expansion, Obama Administration’s Proposed Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument Expansion Betrays US Fishermen, Places Unfair Burden on US Pacific Islands (at ) was circulated by the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council on June 30.
Among the points made in this response:

         • Creation of the existing monuments in the US Pacific Islands also included many broken promises. For example, when the monument in the Hawaiian Islands was developed, native Hawaiians were told they could continue traditional fishing there. However, once the monument was established, fishermen were prohibited from bringing their catch home to their families and community, as was customary. When the Marianas Trench Marine Monument was created, promises such as millions of dollars in revenue, a visitors’ center and co-management promised by the Pew Environment Group and James Connaughton from the White House’s Council on Environmental Quality were left unfilled.
         • In the White House’s press release, the President proclaimed “the health of our ocean is under threat on multiple fronts, from overfishing to carbon pollution.” Expanding the Monument and restricting US fishermen from US waters will not mitigate these threats. US fisheries already operate under annual catch and effort limits and numerous other federal and international regulations.
         • In its press release, the White House acknowledges that “Americans all over the country depend on the ocean for food, jobs and recreation,” but speaks little of the foreign trade dimensions of this issue. About 90 percent of the seafood consumed in the United States is imported from foreign countries and results in a nearly $11 billion seafood trade deficit. Banning US fishermen from nearly a million square miles of US waters will only exacerbate this situation, keeping Americans from domestically produced seafood and jobs.
          It appears as if the Obama Administration is committed to doing this regardless of the negative impacts that is going to have on U.S. fishermen and U.S. seafood consumers, that is going to increase our already unconscionable reliance on imported – and often of questionable quality – seafood. Any of us could be the next victims of this blind legacy building.  

U/10 and 10/20 Dayboat Scallops are on hand.

 Kathy Ann packed out  an open access area trip yesterday and U-10 and 10/20 Scallops are available.

The FN Blount will have a Scallop trip tomorrow and the
Lindsay L will be in on Sunday.l
Golden Tile from yesterday's Sea Farmer trip is on hand.​

The Showboat is in today with a Tuna trip.

 Eaglet is fishing.
Watch Scallop VideoWatch Scallop Video
Watch Scallop VideoWatch Scallop VideoWatch Scallop Video
Watch Scallop VideoWatch Scallop VideoWatch Scallop VideoWatch Scallop Video
Watch Scallop VideoWatch Scallop VideoWatch Scallop Video
Watch Scallop VideoWatch Scallop Video
Watch Scallop Video
Watch Scallop VideoWatch Scallop Video
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