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•Geographic range: Throughout the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. 
•Habitat: Albacore live in temperate waters. Juveniles are mainly found in warmer surface waters; adults are found in cooler and deeper waters. 
•Life span: Males live longer than females in the Atlantic and Mediterranean. The maximum lifespan of albacore is 13 years in the Atlantic and 9 years in the Mediterranean. 
•Food: Fish, crustaceans, and squid
•Growth rate: Relatively fast 
•Maximum size: Up to 4.2 feet and 88 pounds
•Reaches reproductive maturity: In the Atlantic, albacore mature at 3 feet fork length, at 5 years of age. 
•Reproduction: Reproductive potential generally increases with size – a 44-pound female can produce 2 to 3 million eggs per season. Albacore tuna release their eggs in at least two batches. 
•Spawning season: Spring and summer
•Spawning grounds: In subtropical western areas of both hemispheres and throughout the Mediterranean Sea. 
•Migrations: Albacore are a highly migratory species. Similarly sized albacore travel together in schools; schools of albacore may also include other tuna species such as skipjack, yellowfin, and bluefin tuna. 
•Predators: Many sharks, rays, larger tunas, and billfishes prey upon albacore. Because albacore are valuable commercial fish, humans are also important predators.
•Commercial or recreational interest: Both 
•Distinguishing characteristics: Albacore have very small scales on their body. Their pectoral fins are remarkably long, about 30% of fork length or longer in 1.6 feet or longer fish. 
{Excerpted from NOAA/NMFS Fishwatch}
     North Atlantic Albacore Tuna are large, oceanic fish and are seasonally migratory, some making trans-oceanic journeys. Albacore are landed at Viking Village as a longline product. They are found from the surface to a depth of 600m where they often form mixed schools with skipjack, yellowfin and bluefin tuna.
     One of the smaller commercial tunas, North Atlantic albacore is most recognizable by its elongated pectoral fins, which span 30 percent of its body length. 
     This is a very tasty fish and is frequently the species used in canned tuna. Tuna salad made with fresh albacore is delicious.
North Atlantic Albacore Tuna
 Albacore Tuna Recipes 
Albacore Parmesan
   For the Fish
   3 lbs. fresh Albacore cut in 1/2" steaks
   4 Eggs
   Unbleached Flour
   Italian Bread Crumbs
   Olive Oil

   For the Sauce
   1 16 oz. can Chopped Tomatoes
   1 16 oz. can Crushed Tomatoes
   Fresh Garlic
   Fresh Basil

   For the Plate
   Fresh Mozzarella Cheese
   Fresh Basil
   Angel Hair or other Pasta
   Prepare Marinara Sauce ahead of time by combining crushed Tomatoes, chopped Tomatoes, fresh Garlic and fresh Basil in a pot and simmering for several hours. A whole carrot can be added for additional flavor. This is removed when the sauce is done cooking.
   Bread the Albacore steaks by dredging in Flour, coating with Eggwash and then the Italian Breadcrumbs.
   Boil the Pasta, drain and set aside.
   Slice a fresh Mozzarella ball into thin slices and set aside.
   Heat 1/4" of Olive Oil in a heavy skillet and brown the Albacore steaks over medium / high heat on both sides, about 2 to 3 minutes per side.
   Place the steaks on a flat cooking sheet, cover each with Marina sauce and a slice of Mozzarella and place in a medium oven long enogh to melt the Cheese. 
   Remove from the oven and place on a bed of Pasta on a serving dish. Garnish with fresh Basil leaves.

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Fresh Albacore Parmesan dish.